Friday, 5 January 2018

Google, Gmail and a Right mess up!


I shall try to explain a best I can without rambling on to long...

My new Job ( In a local sewing shop) is going Great and I am reallllllly enjoying it!
Life is throwing a lot of curve balls at me and my family but we plob on but I have very little time to craft cards or crochet at the moment as I am learning the new job and all it entails including learning all about the materials and more sewing skills including how to read patterns so I can learn more and help myself and the customers.

OK ok so 

My other big ARGH annoying news is 

We decided to change our email service provider and also cancel having a landline phone as we dont use the landline phone and we are paying quite a lot over the odds for the pleasure...

So I set about the supposedly simple task of  making a Gmail email account via Google

But...... they buggered up my account and made me an email I was not happy with....
and I could not change it I have been trying for 3 days straight and I then phoned Google and they say it cannot be changed and all I could do was delete it... 

Problem is If I delete it I will also lose all my youtube data and worse still my blog
but I was also concerned it would delete the challenge blogs I am attached to also....

So my only way around that was to un join the main challenge and DT blogs and then make a new blog for myself, I found that I could save my Data from my blog to my pc and make a new blog and re load it... it saved posts and comments GREAT I thought... copying the things I wanted from Utube and made a new Gmail address...

Yay I thought
But Oh no!
Its not that bloody simple is it... FGS

BIG BIG Issue.... ALL and I mean ALL of my photos have broken links 
including all the ones I loaded on the DT and Challenge blogs.... I have reloaded a handful of my own but I don't feel I can devote any time to reload them all :(

Ok so in a NUTSHELL!
I have to start again here so
happy crafting all and sorry there are only 2 main posts on my blog
but I am going to load a few photos as I go along :)
so if you have seen a photo I have posted before sorry!
but there are some photos I LOVE to share :)

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